Legal evaluation of a patient file. This type of retrospective review of the appropriateness of care given can be done for many purposes: as an expert opinion for plaintiffs or defendants involved in malpractice litigation; for insurance prepayment or post-payment review.


Guidelines or standards of care: Review of existing guidelines or standards, or development of such material for many uses: control of utilization of office or hospital services; review of physician practice patterns to improve quality or control costs; application of guidelines or standards to improve quality of care and appropriateness of care provided to either individual patients or groups of patients.


Practice organization: Review of a practice from a financial or service standpoint. Office organization to minimize costs and optimize performance. Methods to improve patient flow and income from patients. Quality controls to minimize risk and optimize patient satisfaction. Billing and collection procedures to improve profitability.


Lectures: Lectures or group discussions on any topic in Pulmonary Medicine. This can be done for physician- or lay-educational purposes.


Informational or educational sessions for staff in the health care or health-related fields: For example: clinical training of salespeople to improve their knowledge of the field, training of personnel needed to review charts or clinical material for utilization or payment review.




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